A distinctive small falcon, pale rufous above, with contrasting black flight feathers, whitish below, black mark down through eye, fine black streaks on breast. Cere, eyering and legs yellow. Male: crown and tail pale-grey, Female: crown and tail light rufous-brown.


Diurnal, This is Australia's smallest falcon usually seen flying slowly or hovering in mid-air, as it searches for food in open grassy areas. It often perches on cliff faces, marking its perches with patches of white droppings and frequently hitching a ride on updrafts of wind.


Woodland Forest Grassland, Open and lightly timbered country; floodplains; coastal dunes and cliffs.


July August September October November December, 4 to 5; dull white or buff, reddish-brown freckles. . Incubation 26-28 days by female, young fledge 26 days. In good seasons, destrels rear successive broods.


Kakadu National Park


Carnivore, feeds mainly on insects; small lizards and mice.


Common Name: Nankeen Kestrel, Australian Kestrel Scientific Name: Falco cenchroides
Sub Order: Unavailable Order: Falconiformes
Class: Aves Category: Native
Status: Least Concern Size: Male 310mm

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