FrogWatch was set up in 1991 to try to gather better information about the frogs of North Australia and their distribution.  We have been  busy trying to sort out which species we have and to increase community awareness about frogs.  There are still many mysteries to be sorted out yet so come and join in the fun!.

Cane Toads have hijacked the agenda in recent times but we have still managed to get a lot of work done with our native frogs, discovering several species in the process, and extending the range of a number of other species.


Inspecting native frogs
FrogWatch coordinator, Graeme Sawyer, inspects native frogs.

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Did you know?

The Northern Territory Frog (also know as Monsoon frog) Sphenophryne adelphe breeds by laying its eggs in leaf litter rather than water. The young emerge from the eggs as frogs having spent the entire tadpole stage in the egg. The Male frog stays with the eggs as they develop.

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