Diurnal. In pairs or flock. Runs, swims, dives with equal rapidity, flies in a laboured fashion when disturbed. Usually very wary and furtive. Gregarious, usually living in small groups during the breeding season and in flocks during winter. Nest is a bulky platform of reed stems, sticks and other local vegetation, built in reeds or on a low branch over hanging water.


Wetlands, Swamps; margins of lakes or streams.


August to December. Five to seven eggs; can be up to 20 occasionally when two or more females use the same nest. Eggs usually creamy-white with spots and blotches of reddish-brown. Two broods often raised in succession.


Omnivore, Aquatic life and plants; seeds; green shoots; insects and small aquatic animals.


Common Name: Dusky Moorhen Scientific Name: Gallinula tenebrosa
Sub Order: Unavailable Order: Gruiformes
Class: Aves Category: Native
Status: Least Concern Size: Unavailable

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