Diurnal, The only Australian cuckoo known to raise its own young. Lives mainly on the ground, builds its own nest and rears its young. May breed twice a season in close succession. Much of the hunting is done under cover of a sward of rank grass field, where it holds territories. Its feathers are not waterproof and tend to waterlog during wet weather, so they are often seen drying their feathers in the sun after rain on trees and fence posts, etc. They are known to rrost at night in Pandanus trees. The call is a loud, deep booming usually only heard during the breeding (wet) season.


Coastal Grassland Woodland Forest, Swamps & ranks; dense grasslands mainly coastal; open woodland.


September October November December January February March, 3-5; dull white, smooth slightly lustrous. Incubation about 15 days by both sexes, young fledge in 12-15 days.


Kakadu National Park


Carnivore, Frogs; small reptiles; aquatic insects; eggs & young other birds.


Common Name: Pheasant Coucal Scientific Name: Centropus phasianinus
Sub Order: Unavailable Order: Cuculiformes
Class: Aves Category: Native
Status: Least Concern Size: Male 500-600

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