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Biodiversity Crisis - Reptile Project


Published: 26 Sep 2019

The Australian Association for Environmental Education and Biodiversitywatch are encouraging Territorians to get Active in response to the Biodiversity crisis and to get to know their local reptiles.

Details under the SUPER menu on the Reptilewatch page

SUPER, Supporting Urban and Peri-urban Reptiles provides a great way to look more closely at our biodiversity and build an understanding of the issues with a local perspective. The project. Supported with a small Environment grant from City of Darwin is designed to start people thinking about supporting biodiversity across the area. We want people to survey their backyard and local park and to get their schools involved in checking what reptiles are around and then to consider what can be done to help reptiles flourish into the future.


Download the identification booklet and look to see which reptiles are in your backyard and neighbourhood park, then fill out a survey sheet and send it in.  If you are unsure take a picture and send it in for identification. Binoculars help you to study lizards in detail with-out having to get too close, and with a decent camera or even your phone you can get a picture to confirm your id. Send it to info@reptilewatch.org.au.


Download a data sheet and fill out the information and become a citizen scientist as you help collect information of reptile species in Darwin!

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