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Cane Toad question

My husband and I live in Humpty Doo on 5 acres of mostly rainforest. We are concerned about the cane toad invading our space. We are currently installing a 70cm high barrier of corrigated iron around our house yard, apporimately 35x60 meters. Will this keep the buggers out? or is there any thing else that we can do?

Submitted by Cherylyn Martin on 06-Jun-2003.


The Toads should be stopped by such a barrier. The main issues are to watch corners or areas where they might be ablt to climb. They are not good climbers, nor can they jump very high (30-40cm).

If there is an area where you think they might get over try some fine mesh wire and hang it over to the outside side.

Submitted by Graeme Sawyer on 06-Jun-2003.

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