Wetlands to Visit


The wetland places listed here are mainly ones which can be accessed easily by road from Darwin. There are many other areas which are remote from Darwin but closer to other communities or which have limited access because they are on Aboriginal land. These have similar features to the ones being described and teachers and guides may be able to visit them with Aboriginal custodians and learn more to complement the western learning on this CD-ROM.

Around Darwin

Darwin harbour is acknowledged to be one of the major mangrove enclaves along the Top End coastline, with both large stands of mangrove forests and high diversity of plants. Most of the plants present here are also found elsewhere along the NT coastline. There are also many freshwater wetlands and streams, although the monsoonal floodplains are better developed to the east (out towards Kakadu) and southwest of Darwin.

Freshwater and mangroves:



East of Darwin

South of Darwin

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Amphibians were the first backboned animals to emerge onto land. Far older than the dinosaurs they have evolved many strage survival strategies.