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The following World Wide Web sites relating to wetlands were active at the time of writing. Over time it can be expected that other Web sites will come on line while some of the ones here may disappear.

Centre for Tropical Wetlands Management, Northern Territory University. http://www.ntu.edu.au/ctwm

Environmental Concern Inc. http://www.wetland.org

Environmental Research Institute of the Supervising Scientist, eriss. http://www.ea.gov.au/ssd

Frogwatch NT. http://www.frogwatch.org.au

Kakadu National Park. http://www.ea.gov.au/parks/kakadu/index.html

National Center for Tropical Wetland Research. http://www.nctwr.org.au

Parks and Wildlife Service, NT. http://www.nt.gov.au/paw

Supervising Scientist Division, Environment Australia. http://www.ea.gov.au/ssd

Waterwatch NT. http://www.lpe.nt.gov.au/waterwatch

Wetlands International – Asia Pacific. http://www.wetlands.org/ap

Wetlands Unit, Environment Australia. http://www.environment.gov.au/bg/wetlands

World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) – Living Waters Campaign. http://www.panda.org/livingwaters/


There is an Internet link to Kakadu National Park that shows the places to visit in the park. It is at Things to see and do in Kakadu National Park.

The following places are properties managed by the Parks and Wildlife Service. The information sheets are reproduced with their permission.

Berry Springs Nature Reserve

Casuarina Coastal Reserve

Howard Springs Nature Reserve

Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve

Litchfield National Park

Manton Dam Recreation Area

Mary River National Park

Tjuwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs Park

Territory Wildlife Park

Window on the Wetlands

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