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One of the big challenges is getting biodiversity into peoples' mindsets in its proper perspective.  This is a major challenge for the future and education is vitally important.

Education is a major element of this and after decades of being left out of the process people are now demanding and playing a greater role in working towards solutions. Community action is a significant force in biodiversity strategies moving forward.

People need to understand the intrinsic value of biodiversity and this needs to be a part of their core belief system so it influences decision making and a range of things about the way we live.

This education needs to start a very young age and we need to have the sorts of “real experiences” that impact on attitudes and give us the base blocks upon which to build this understanding of the wonderful intricacies of biodiversity.  The sense of fascination and wonder that lead to curiosity and form the base of the passion for wildlife and the natural world need to be engineered into our lives.

This section of the site is designed to support teachers in our schools system, training positions and with community organisation build understanding and capacity.

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Amphibians were the first backboned animals to emerge onto land. Far older than the dinosaurs they have evolved many strage survival strategies.