The Biodiversity Schools project is designed to help schools address the Sustainability Cross-curriculum priority, especially the Biodiversity aspects including curriculum integration and other aspects of Sustainability.

The major foci of the project are to

  • Provide students with a fun motivating and empowering learning space
  • Provide teachers a mechanism for developing activities to facilitate building knowledge and shaping attitudes about biodiversity
  • Provide a mechanism to support a range of learning around the sustainability overarching idea in the National curriculum
  • Provide a powerful mechanism for building a shared knowledge system and develop the broad range of skills and understanding about knowledge that goes into such a process.
  • Provide access for students to sophisticated technology in a way that enables students to construct online resources and develop awareness of the technology processes of building a shared online knowledge system.
  • Support teachers with information about Wet –Dry tropical ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Technology integration

One of the important elements for technology is for kids not to be just passive consumers of information from the internet but to be active publishers so they get to understand the process and put online information into a more realistic perspective.

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