Ideas for use

The Database system can be used in many ways but at a beginning level it is designed to be a database of all the biodiveristy - animals and plants in the school.  This includes invertebrates and other life forms you may wish to focus on, depending on your School and its location. This biodiversity Audit is all about developing a catalog of all species. A good place to begin is to start with some observation sessions in the school grounds and then introducing the names and classifications of animals and plants as you try to determine which species are present.  Calling on local expertise and knowledge may help here.  You can email photographs to experts like BiodiversityWatch or your nearest museum to help with identification.  It is often a ggod idea to try to find some local experts who may be willing to help. There are many online resources and books to help.

Try to gather photographs to help with this process. See the photography page for some ideas on this.

Students should be introduced to the scientific name and naming conventions as this process continues.  As you find information create a record for each species and attach resources to the appropriate Tab in each record.

Information can then be added to the species record over time.

A field Guide for Top End