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How do I "toad bust" my area to stop the toads?

Submitted by Graeme Sawyer on 26-Nov-2001.


To minimise the impact of toads in a particular area such as your backyard you need to attack them at their most vulnerable stages.
One strategy is to deny them breeding success. The eggs are easily recognisable (long strands of eggs as opposed to most native species which have clumps of eggs) and can be removed in their long strands from ponds and waterways.
You can stop the breeding in ponds by putting a 50cm 'smooth' fence around the pond - toads can climb wire fencing but not a material such as weed matting. Native species can jump and climb but toads cannot scale a barrier which has no toe-holds.
You should also remove all adult toads from your area - as humanely as possible.
Toads can be placed in a bag and cooled in a refrigerator before being killed with a blow to the skull from a heavy object. They can also be killed by freezing.
Reducing the numbers of toads by removing their eggs and removing grown toads should minimise their impact in your local area.

Submitted by Graeme Sawyer on 26-Nov-2001.

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