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What is the best way to raise frogs ?? I have a bad tub that my dobermann uses to cool off in. Every now and then, after a heavy rain, a mummie frog leaves her eggs in it. I take them out put them in a safe place to grow. I feed them lettuce. Is this the best thing to do ?? I have no idea what sort of frog they are but the eggs are black with a little white spot on them. We have rocket frogs, green tree frogs and some others (unidentified) living on our block.

Submitted by Jacqueline Doherty on 26-Jan-2002.


The system you have would appear to be fine. We microwave the lettuce for a few seconds to break it down a little so it is easier for the tadpoles to eat. They seem to thrive. The other issues are to make sure the water is kept fresh and that mosquitoes do not get into it . Also make sure there are not too many frogs in one container. Containers should be kept where they get some sun but not too much. Sun helps promote algae growth which is more food for the tadpoles. They also grow faster when they are warm.

Submitted by Graeme Sawyer on 26-Jan-2002.

Also, make sure that you have rocks, sticks or other objects in your tadpole container so that the more mature tadpoles and metamorph frogs can crawl onto them to rest and breathe.

Submitted by Sally Kent on 26-Jan-2002.

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