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Mammals that eat frogs?

There is considerable concern about the Northern Quoll and the impact the Cane toads may have on its numbers. Anecdotal evidence from Queensland is that the Quolls around Bowen dissappeared when the toads arrived. What other Mammal species may try to eat small frogs? Do phascogales, dunnarts, planigales, sminthopsis or pseudantechinus sp eat frogs?

Author: Graeme Sawyer 02-Nov-2001
Last Updated: 08-Nov-2001
Category: Animals at Risk from Cane Toads » Mammals


  • Water Rats are a known Predator, are they a successful one
    Submitted by Graeme Sawyer on 02-Nov-2001
  • Ian Morris has raised the issue of Ghost Bats as another probable victim of the Cane Toad. The bats are known predators of frogs and a species like the Cane Toad, which is not as secretive as some of the native species, would seem to be a likely target. Could this explain the decline of Ghost Bats in QLD? Are we beginning to see any decline in the caves around Katherine?
    Submitted by Graeme Sawyer on 30-Jan-2002
  • Recent reseach in Kakadu National Park has highlighted concern about the Northern Quoll and provided some solid evidence of statistically significant declines due to Cane Toads.
    Basically the research involved fauna surveys in the park. These surveys were done in areas where previous surveys had been conducted. In areas which have been invaded by Cane Toads since the previous surveys no Quolls were found.
    It is a pity this has taken so long but at last there is some data that the scientists are responding to. It is unclear what other species are affected but some concern for reptiles is also evident from the surveys.
    Submitted by Graeme Sawyer on 27-Jan-2003