About FrogWatch

Th FrogWatch element of the website is designed to provide information about frogs from across Northern Australia. This include the Northern Territory, the Kimberly region and North QLD (currently excluding the Wet Tropic rainforests). The system contains information about frog species, including pictures, calls and maps, and allows people to ask questions and provide information about frog issues.

The site will also provide a coordination point for researchers and others working on issues relating to frogs.

It is designed to perform a public education and awareness raising role as well as providing a coordination role to the research and wildlife sectors. One specific function is to provide a key knowledge bridge between these professional groups and the general public and wildlife enthusiasts.

The system is built on a database system to enable management of the systems to be distributed amongst the groups involved with the site and to maximise the automation of information flows and processes.

The core aims of the Frogwath (NT)project are to

  • provide a focus point for information about the frogs of North Australia
  • provide a specific focus for Cane Toad related information in Northern Australia.
  • facilitate community knowledge and awareness about frogs and related issues
  • educate people about frogs and frog calls in an attempt to increase knowledge about species and their distribution.
  • facilitate collaboration by researchers and other professionals working in this area. facilitate knowledge transfer, in both directions, between the general community, including indigenous communities, and the researchers
  • raise the profile or frog related issues in the NT through education.

The website aims to

  • To promote awareness of frogs and related environmental issues.
  • To provide a focus on frog issues in the NT.
  • To play a coordination role for frog activities and facilitate research communication.
  • To provide resources to support frog based activities.
  • Maintain a bridging role between the scientific community and the general public.
  • Data gathering relating to the invasion of Cane Toads.

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Frogwatch NT
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Wagaman NT 0810
Ian Morris
Graeme Sawyer
Ph: 0411 881 378



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Amphibians were the first backboned animals to emerge onto land. Far older than the dinosaurs they have evolved many strage survival strategies.

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