Adult Toads

Adult toads refers to toads over 90mm in length.  At this size they are able to breed, they are noctural and able to move significant distances.

FrogWatch has done a lot of study and follow up research about cane toad control since 1991 and has worked with a number of other research groups to explore aspects of cane toad behaviour and biology as a control mechanism. FrogWatch has worked with a number of other groups, including the Stop the Toad Foundation and shared their research with any other groups with an interest in toad control.

We have identified several key elements.

  1. Cane toads complete dependence on water and their vulnerability to evaporative water loss (EVL).
  2. Cane toads preference for open space when feeding
  3. Cane toads attraction to lights, especially UV lights

Through this work and especially the work of Graeme Sawyer, Ian Morris and Dave Wilson we have invented clear fingered one-way gates for cane toad traps which exploits the attraction to lights,

We have refined the methodology of hand collection of cane toads in the tropics, known as ToadBusting, especially in the dry season when cane toads are congregated near remnant water.  

We have developed fencing as a method of preventing cane toad movement along specific corridors and amplifying the effectiveness of other cane toad control methods.

Exclusion fence trials, based on stopping cane toads rehydrating, were conducted at the 2007 Great Toad Muster and showed great promise and appear to transform the basic premise of manual cane toad control methods which was finding cane toads at night.  The trials showed that if you deny cane toads access to moisture they are unable to survive more than a week in the climatic conditions in the Kimberley region in the late Dry season. The result is that the toads stay at the fence trying to get to the water and they are easy to find. 93% of the target population was destroyed by the method in two days.

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Secretions from the Golfball frog contain a very strong adhesive. Aluminium cans glued together with the secretions cannot be pulled apart with your hands.

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