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  • where have the toad detention centres gone? ; I am dismayed as have relied on the one at Freds Pass for disposal. ; Toads are getting larger and larger and I find it impossible to kil...

    View Question | | Unanswered | Submitted by felicity middleton on 08-Nov-2013

  • can't seem to get the sounds running from your web site.

    View Question | | Answered (1) | Submitted by Troy Adam Ristic on 08-Jul-2003

  • Can you suggest ways of keeping mosquito larvae out of my tadpole pond, or preventing them from getting there in the first place?

    View Question | | Answered (1) | Submitted by Bronwyn Horsey on 08-May-2003

  • What do I feed the baby frogs once it has morphed from a tadpole? I am feeding the tadpoles boiled lettuce leaves and fish flakes, but notice that our newly formed frog doesn't go back into the water...

    View Question | | Answered (1) | Submitted by Louise Scanlan on 06-Mar-2003

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