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What do I feed the baby frogs once it has morphed from a tadpole? I am feeding the tadpoles boiled lettuce leaves and fish flakes, but notice that our newly formed frog doesn't go back into the water to feed. What do I need to do? Will it survive on its own, or should I be (gulp) catching cockroaches and the like ?? Thanks, Louise

Submitted by Louise Scanlan on 06-Mar-2003.


They will probably be OK if they just go off on their own. if you want to feed them it depends a little on what species they are.

Small termites etc are good food for many ground species. Just get some pieces of termite mound and put it in with the frogs.

Many people use flies and small insects for tree frogs, or you can buy crickets etc from the pet shop.

If you leave a piece of fruit out and it attracts small insects you can put this in the container with the metamorphs and they will eat the small insects.

Submitted by Graeme Sawyer on 06-Mar-2003.

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